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Welcome to A Higher Place...


Today, more and more people are getting their information from the internet and fewer and fewer people are regularly attending church.  Our purpose is not to replace church, in fact we encourage you to be in church and hope to enhance your church experience.  But we are also here for those who can't be in church or aren't ready for church.


We hope to enhance your church experience by helping you better understand God's love for us as Christians and the biblical concept of abundant life.  We also hope to enhance your church experience by helping to better understand how we are supposed to interact as Christians.  Again, we do not write to replace scripture but to point you toward the Bible, while clearing away some of the barriers to a clear understanding. 


Most importantly, we are here for seekers who desire to know more about God and to provide them a clear picture of God and His love for them.


Our Purpose


God didn't intend for us to struggle in this world alone without hope...

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Featured Departments

The Encourager - a monthly teaching that deals with issues facing Christians with the goal of building up and encouraging new believers and mature Christians.


This Month...   Easter - A Day That Changed Everything

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Christian Working Woman    with Mary Whelchel

A 5 minute daily teaching for Christian women in today's workplace.

Christianity 101 - monthly teachings on fundamental Christian theology in plain language for new believers and seekers who desire to know God.


Coming Soon...

Key Life                                        with Steve Brown

The Gospel without out all the nonsense and stuffiness.  Listen to Steve's 15 minute daily broadcast.

Man Stuff - teaching men to be Real Men, as God intended real men to be, which includes being men of God, men of integrity, the spiritual leaders of their households, and disciplers of other men. 


This Month's Article...    Real Men (Really Do Love Jesus)

Living On the Edge                  with Chip Ingram

A half hour daily broadcast that tackles the toughest issues facing today's Christians using clear biblical concepts.

The View (From A Higher Place) - current events with political and social commentary from a Biblical point of view.


This Month's Article...  More Politics and Religion (Seriously)

New Life Live                             with Dr. Steve Arterburn 

A a daily one hour call-in show that provides help for Christians trying to cope in a fallen world. 

TGIM - Thank God It's Monday


Good News for Your Week - By Dr. Lewis Gregory


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